Using Clique Hunter to find Backlink Opportunities

Using Clique Hunter to find Backlink Opportunities

Clique Hunter

Clique Hunter is a tool on MajesticSEO which allows you to compare and contrast the backlinks of your own site with those of your competitors.

It can be used to uncover what backlinks you and your competitors have in common and to identify the backlinks your competitors are getting link juice from which you may be missing out on.

How to get a list of Competitors Backlinks

To explain the process more effectively, I’ll be using the Travel website and 10 of its competitors as an example…

Firstly, load up and sign in.

Then click on ‘Compare’, located above the search engine tool.

Next, click on the tab ‘Clique Hunter’.

On this page, you can enter 10 links to competitor websites whose backlinks you want to compare with your own website.

You can search using either the ‘Use Historic Index’ option, which will give you a list of all the sites backlinks information


the ‘Use Fresh Index’ option, which will give you the information on backlinks from the last 90 days.

Choose your preference and then click ‘Hunt’.

Clique Hunter

This part of the process can be found in this instructional video…

(The video also details some other useful functions of Clique Hunter)


You’ll then be presented with a summary of the 10 website’s backlinks.

Download this summary into a spreadsheet by clicking the ‘Export Report CSV’ button at the bottom of the page.

Once it’s downloaded, open the spreadsheet and delete all the data other than that which is under the “Domain”, “Ref Domain”, “AlexaRank” and “Matches” columns (B, C, D and E columns).

Then organise the remaining data…

Clique Hunter data

Now it’s time to move on to getting your own website’s backlink data for the comparison.

How to get your Website’s Backlink Data

Return to the MajesticSEO homepage and enter your website/webpage into the search tool.

Once the summary has loaded, click on the tab ‘Ref Domains’

Then click on the ‘Download Data’ button, converting the backlink data summary into another spreadsheet.

Repeat the same data deletion process that you performed on your competitor’s shared backlink data, so you’re left with the same 4 categories of backlink data.

Combining your Backlink Data with your Competitors’ Backlink Data

Now merge the 4 columns of backlink data from the two spreadsheets into one, copying one block of data directly below the other in 4 neat columns.

Once you have combined the two summaries of backlink data, add filters and sort them by the “AlexaRank” filter. Sort by the lowest numbers first (with AlexaRank the lower the better) and filter out sites with “-1” rating. This will expel the domains that are not big enough to have an AlexaRank.

Next, select the entire ‘Domains’ column (column A) and use the Excel Conditional Formatting function to highlight the cells with ‘Duplicate Values’. This will highlight which backlink domains some of the 10 competitor sites have in common with your own.

Organised Clique Hunter Data

Filtered by AlexaRank (smallest to largest)


Pro gro tips – Organising the Data

  • Sort by colour to identify the backlinks you share with your competitors
  • Make a copy of the sheet and delete all the backlinks highlighted in pink – this will leave only the domains that link to your competitors and don’t link to you.
  • Sort by matches to reveal which are the most common backlinking domains that your competitors have. For example a domain with four or five competitors matches is likely to be a very good prospect for you.
  • Sort by AlexaRank, smallest to largest, to find the strongest quality backlinking domains that your competitors have links from and you don’t.

To help get resources from your team to target relationships with these web sites, you may find it helpful to draw up a backlink mindmap of prospects. For help on how to do this, read our blog on Backlink Analysis – How make a Mind Map of Backlinks

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