5 SEO Gifts to get this Christmas

5 SEO Gifts to get this Christmas

With December comes the task of finding Christmas presents and nothing says I love quite like some SEO gifts. This task is often harder than it looks and not everyone ends up getting what they want for Christmas (like the master key for search engine optimisation or spy in Google). Sometimes you may end up with another pair of socks or some chocolate that you used to like but have yet to inform people otherwise. So, why not get that SEO in your life something they could really use in the New Year? Rather than getting your friendly SEO a Panda toy and a lightsaber they can whack it with every time Google releases a new update, here are 5 useful gifts that the SEO in your life could benefit from and will always remember you for when they use them.

1. Spike Membership



A relatively new tool, Spike allows you to view recently released pieces of online content from 50,000 different sources and analyse how it’s faring across social media platforms. With Spike you can track the social media velocity of different pieces of content and see what stories are gaining social media traction within hours of release. The information you draw from Spike could be used in your content marketing plans for 2015, analysing the way in which different pieces of content spread and over what social media platforms. Through Spike’s filters you can also tailor your search results of recently released content meaning you can see the stories surrounding your chosen industry that are trending and gain some new direction for your next piece of content. In short, Spike may just be the content marketer’s new best friend.

2. The Art of SEO (Theory in Practice) 2012


A well reviewed book, written by 4 of the most knowledgeable people in the world of SEO. The Art of SEO 2nd edition (2012) details some great insights into the intricacies of SEO including theory surrounding the workings of search engines, the role of social media and a glimpse into the possible futures of SEO.  It gives clarity to the core of the “Best Practices of SEO”, which is no easy feat in an industry which is ever changing. Regardless of a SEOs experience, this book will offer something that can help bolster an SEO strategy for the New Year and could make some light reading this Christmas.

3. Moz Pro Plan

Moz’s blog and whiteboard Fridays alone are exceptional sources of SEO advice, but their tools on offer through their pro plans for link building are second to none. Its broad index and correlation with Google’s own ranking algorithm makes it one of the greatest tools on offer to SEOs of any experience level. With Pro access you can listen to the Moz teams insightful Webinars like ‘Semantic SEO for the People’ and use tools like ‘Fresh Web Explorer’ which allows you to track all mentions of your website. Moz does, however, have a limited number of allowance for keywords, but that is why this Christmas you should also purchase…

4. SEMrush Pro Plan

Semrush keywords
Keywords are still important when it comes to SEO. Even though there has been a shift away from keyword density, they should still play a leading role in the theatre of your SEO strategy. That’s why anyone in SEO needs to be knowledgeable about the popularity of their keywords and how well they are ranking for them against their competitors. The SEMrush pro plan offers an SEO the opportunity to track what search terms are most valuable to their website or their clients and using that information to assist in guiding what direction to take a business in. When it comes to keywords research, SEMrush is one of the most extensive and useful tools to use in the niche.


5. Facebook Ads

The value of social media advertisement to a business’s online presence has only increased in the last year and although Facebook is still one of the top avenues for online marketing for e-commerce websites. Facebook Ad Coupons can be used on an account that has had no previous usage of coupons and makes an ideal gift for those just starting up a Facebook advertisement program.

Now coming across valid Facebook Ad coupon codes can be a hazardous venture due to the risk of receiving fake coupon codes, however this website should point you in the right direction. http://impromocoder.com/valid-facebook-ads-coupon-codes/.

If you’re feeling really generous why not spend a few bucks promoting some of your favourite digital marketer’s content via Facebook ads! Clicks can start from as little as 10p a click and send some juicy engaged traffic to their blog or business!

Our Gift to You…

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Thanks for reading and don’t forget to let us know What useful gift would you get for a SEO this year in the comments below.


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