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copywriter freelance opportunity….. do you love supercars?

I am looking for an experienced copywriter with a passion for supercars and a flair for marketing. Up to 50 days of work may be available starting immediately. Interested candidates, please email me – [email protected] Essential Qualities and Experience At least 5 years of copywriting experience A passion for high end cars (supercars, classic cars […]

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The Future of News

(This blog first appeared here) The spread of the internet meant only one thing for the old advertising model that supported traditional newspapers – death. As advertising inventory went from scarce to infinite, suddenly there was an explosion in content and a thinning out of revenue. Having spent a lot of time over the past […]

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A billion search visits a day go to topical hub pages: how to get your share

This article was first published here Topical hub pages deliver a million UK search visits a day for the Guardian alone – over a third of all their search traffic. Topical hub pages cost the Guardian almost nothing to create and maintain. And for other smart players across all industries, it’s a similar story. But […]

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The power of site architecture: 45% traffic growth in month one

This piece was First Published on Linked In One of the most powerful but most-ignored search engine ranking factors is site architecture. This is particularly true for publishers. In simple terms, when architecting your site, the aim should be to make any piece of content easy to navigate to in as few clicks as possible. This may […]

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5 SEO Gifts to get this Christmas

With December comes the task of finding Christmas presents and nothing says I love quite like some SEO gifts. This task is often harder than it looks and not everyone ends up getting what they want for Christmas (like the master key for search engine optimisation or spy in Google). Sometimes you may end up with another pair of socks or some […]

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Backlink Analysis – How to make a Mind Map of Backlinks

Entity mind map

High quality, relevant backlinks remain an essential search engine ranking signal. Developing your own mind map of backlinks can assist you in developing your own strategy for backlink building and in locating the juiciest of your competitor’s backlinks. Why do I need a Mind Map? Having a mind map of backlinks, whether they’re your own or a […]

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