When helping clients grow we’re constantly learning new skills, discovering great tools and creating useful processes. Our resources section is here so we can share the things that have worked for us, so they can work for you too.


Google My Business – Putting Yourself on the Map

Google My Business map

You would be forgiven for not understanding the entire backstory of Google’s services when it comes to syncing information on local businesses with its search, maps and social network. The introduction of Google+ rang the death knell for Google Places, which was replaced in 2012 by Google+ Local and has now changed again. In June 2014 Google, in an attempt to streamline how businesses can add and update their information, introduced Google My Business.

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What is content marketing?

What is content marketing? cover slide

Consumers have increasing control over how they view media, they can opt-out of emails, skip TV ads, block online ads and customise exactly what content they want to see. So how do companies get their message across when their audience have the will and the power to ignore information that doesn’t interest them.

Content marketing.

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SEO Twitter: Follow the Top 40 SEOs in the World

SEO Twitter: Follow the Top 40 SEOs in the World

Do you ever wish you knew how to use Twitter to get the latest news and views in SEO? Recently, I searched for ‘SEO Twitter’, and was disappointed to find there wasn’t a list of influential digital marketers I could subscribe to. I believe knowing who to follow on Twitter is crucial to developing lasting success online, so I decided to put that right with this blog.

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PR SEO Integration and Collaboration [INFOGRAPHIC]

PR SEO collaboration

I am just finishing penning a guest blog called ‘PR SEO evolution and improved client service’ for a PR firm (link to follow shortly)…

The basic premise is that the need for PR and SEO integration is greater than ever and will pay increasingly large dividends for the companies that take this route and for the PR and SEO firms that learn to collaborate most effectively. We thought we’d try to find a way of graphically capturing how effective collaboration can lead to improved results on both sides…

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SEO for start ups – 4 simple steps to get it right

SEO for Start-Ups

I believe in an Integrated approach to SEO. This means devising a clear SEO strategy and getting your team to execute this strategy as a part of their workflow. Key staff members typically include tech/design, content, marketing, PR and sales. In short, well integrated SEO leads to reduced costs, greater long term success and significantly less risk.

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Integrate your SEO for more profit and less risk

Zero To Hero graphic illustration

I started Easyodds in 2000 and I only woke up to the importance of natural google search results in 2004. By that stage we were behind the game and had a lot of ground to make up.

Initially I spoke to various agencies, but then opted for an in-house SEO specialist. Much of his advice required operational and web site changes but he didn’t know how to communicate his message and frustrated, he moved on. But it struck me that if the rest of the team needed to be involved, I had better understand why. So an expert was hired with the remit of strategy and education.

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The Importance of Buy-in: Great tips from the Brighton SEO conference

Today, I had the pleasure of going to the Brighton SEO event.

The talk I took the most away from was one from Dan Patmore, who as head of SEO at Argos, deals with huge execution challenges because SEO is just one (quite small) facet of their overall business activity and priority. Whether in-house, agency, consultancy, anyone involved in SEO has to tackle the issue of buy-in to one degree or another. For us at InterGreater, getting strategy buy-in from key executives and brand guardians and getting resource and working practise buy-in across several staff areas is our toughest and our most important challenge. So it was really refreshing to hear a speaker lead with this angle.

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Origins and guiding principles

“Things that annoy me end up fuelling my ideas”

Josh James, co-founder Omniture

This quote definitely speaks to me.

At University, my friend Tony and I used to love to bet on sports. There was only one thing we liked more than backing a winner and that was getting the best price for it. So we used to shop around. The problem was that shopping around meant looking up prices on Teletext. This took forever and only had about 3 bookmakers and by the time we ended up finding that best price, it was gone. A truly annoying experience! University finished, along came the Internet and we decided we’d try and fix this problem. A few loans and business plans later and in mid 2000, Easyodds was born.

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