5 Best Things about Working at WeWork London

5 Best Things about Working at WeWork London

Free beer, free coffee, table tennis, arcade games, it’s hard to find stuff bad about working at WeWork London. The chill out zones, handy meeting rooms and offices come with a modern London sheen and a fine wood finish. The place feels creative from the moment you walk in through the revolving doors and it puts you in the mood to, well… create stuff, or maybe that’s just the free coffee talking.

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The Free Stuff


Everyone loves free stuff. It’s a fact of life and it’s definitely not a bad marketing method. Take Amazon for example, they made their shipping costs £0 on some of their own products and people couldn’t help but snatch up the goods on offer (1). It’s called the zero-price effect: the belief that there is no down side because something’s free and it’s worked its magic on me. The people’s caffeine is distributed through the exceptional coffee machines and selection of teas available on every floor, which means I don’t even have to pay for my addiction to high quality coffee anymore. Whwo caares iff itt gives me thte shsakes??

When you’ve been busy carving out your dreams in the WeWork London office, you may feel like you want to let off a little steam without having to trek somewhere to do it. The 5th floor of WeWork offers up a table tennis table, as well as a retro Time Crisis 2 arcade machine, that lets you do just that.

Wework entertainment zone

Gunning down some goons or indulging in a of table tennis is definitely not a bad way to spend your lunch break. Or you can always partake in a friendly game of Cards Against Humanity.

WeWork London - Cards Against Humanity

The free beer is another nice touch and makes Monday’s more bearable and Friday afternoons feel that much better.

WeWork Beer tap

You can grab a swift pint with your office buddies before you leave to enjoy your evening or even head up to the 8th floor and do some office socialising during the WeWork Happy Hour, while enjoying the view.

The View

WeWork London

The vista from the 8th floor. It gives you a fine viewpoint to appreciate London’s architecture from that you don’t quite get while roaming its streets. The 8th floor acts as a staging area for the WeWork community events to take place, and the scenery outside the window makes them all the more appealing. The view from the WeWork London building is the coincidental cherry on top.

The Décor

wework london artwork

Ok, so some of the artwork is questionable, but still the postmodern style adds a welcoming and relaxed element to the place. The miserable sight of endless rows of office chairs and desks is nowhere to be seen. Instead you’re placed into a work area that doesn’t feel like a work area, yet still operates like one.

Each company has their own office space to work in and the building has plenty of private booths to make phone calls from and take a break in. What’s truly great about the interior is the way it entwines the public and private spheres of the workplace. The glass walled office setup gives you a bright office space to work in, letting in what little natural light the British sky offers. You and your co-workers have your own space to operate in without feeling walled in and disconnected from the rest of the world. At the same time, the masked lower half of the glass walls gives you your needed privacy for work, as well as a way to personalise the space with posters and post-it notes.

These zones offer up a nice social area to enjoy a beer or coffee that’s seconds away from your desk. The whole place is convenient and if McDonalds has taught us anything about modern society, it’s that convenience is king. There isn’t really a simpler way to put it: The space looks cool.

wework décor


The Network

WeWork network

With the variation of businesses taking up residence at WeWork, the place has a lot of potential to become a hub for some collaborative projects. Currently, however, it’s working well as a networking source for businesses and a place to gain professional advice, drawing on each other’s expertise. It also operates as a great way of keeping informed on the events happening in the building, like yoga, wine tasting, as well as when there’s free stuff available.

The WeWork London Staff

Upon entry into WeWork at Southbank you get a smile and a hello from the receptionist and security guard. Head up to your floor and there are service staff to give you another welcome and help maintain the high standards of the place. Go all the way up to the 8th and you can usually find a Community leader on hand to help out with any WeWork related problems you encounter. The staff are all happy and helpful.

So if you’re looking for a private office space in a collaborative and social environment with like-minded people and friendly faces then gro recommends WeWork London.


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