What is content marketing?

What is content marketing?

What is content marketing? cover slide

Consumers have increasing control over how they view media, they can opt-out of emails, skip TV ads, block online ads and customise exactly what content they want to see. So how do companies get their message across when their audience have the will and the power to ignore information that doesn’t interest them.

Content marketing.

Research from both Adobe and Econsultancy shows that 2013 has been the year in which content marketing has become the number one priority for digital marketers and their clients, with 70% of them planning to increase their content marketing budgets, that’s more than any other digital discipline.

But how does a brand publishing content lead to improved conversion, loyalty and sales? In our Executive’s Guide to Content Marketing we explain in five steps what content marketing is, why brands need it, how to do it and how to measure the results.

You can read our Executive’s Guide to Content Marketing using the slideshow below (desktop) or you can use our custom mobile version.


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