What We Do

David founded the world’s first betting comparison business. Within 3 years of launch, he grew Easyodds into a top 30 UK gaming site delivering £50m/year in transactions. This was achieved with almost no marketing spend. More than 50% of the business came from SEO.

After 16 years of creating and leading startups, he has a laser focus on ROI. He also has a deep understanding of all parts of the digital equation. He uses this broad knowledge and commercial know-how to quickly deliver market-winning growth strategies and execution.

Growth Hacking Examples


6 * Facebook referrals, 2 *SEO, 20%+ in engagement all within 9 months. Recurring annual RoI of £485K on fees of £50K.

Express Group

express.co.uk: 20%+ SEO and dailystar.co.uk: 37%+ SEO all within 5 months. Recurring annual RoI of £470K on fees of £30K.



Following previous years of steady growth, we doubled unique users from 600K to 1.3m in less than 6 months.


Using a single piece of tactical content marketing, we took their key head terms from 6th position to 1st position on Google within 2 months. Recurring annual RoI of £100K on fees of less than £10K.

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